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What is Metadata?

      Metadata is a common occurrence in PDF files because the data that is contained in the document is typically populated automatically by the PDF conversion application.
      The term metadata is used differently in different communities. Some use it to refer to machine understandable information, while others use it only for records that describe electronic resources. In the library environment, metadata is commonly used for any formal scheme of resource description, applying to any type of object, digital or non-digital.

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What Does Metadata Show?

  •   your name and initials (or those of the person that created the file);
  •   your firm or organization name;
  •   the name of your computer;
  •   the name of the local hard drive or network server where you saved the document;
  •   the name and type of the printer you printed the document on;
  •   other file properties and summary information;
  •   non-visible portions of embedded OLE objects;
  •   the names of previous document authors;
  •   document revisions, including deleted text that is no longer visible on the screen;
  •   document versions;
  •   information about any template used to create the file;
  •   hidden text; and
  •   comments.

Metadata Example

Title="Metadata Demystified"
Creator="Brand, Amy"
Creator="Daly, Frank"
Creator="Meyers, Barbara"
Description="Presents an overview metadata conventions in publishing."
Publisher="NISO Press"
Publisher="The Sheridan Press"


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